The good die young

It's been two days now and the news still hasn't sunk in for me. Sure we lost a few musical icons this year, but this was different, AM was different. Musical talents aside, Adam was someone that you root for, having persevered through so much from drug problems to surviving that horrific plane crash. It seems like the angels were on his side, it just wasn't his time to go. It saddens me that this guy may never get the recognition he deserves for his work and his talent, it saddens me that after all that he's gone through he had to go out the way he did, it saddens me that I'll never get the chance to see him spin. RIP DJ AM - "...make the angels dance"

Do ya thang

My favourite joint off Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul now has a video to go with it. "...Sometimes I like to rock neeeeeonnnnn!!!"

Hi have you met Ted?!

For some odd reason a lot of people are surprise to hear that I don't watch this show, or Entourage for that matter. Well I've waited long enough and heard enough about how great these shows are, I am going to add them to my already huge line up of shows. This should be interesting!

The Rock Show Part 2

Went to see Blink with Kyla, Dexter and Teddy the other day. Musically it wasn't the best show I've seen, but the vibe and the memories it brought back more than made up for that. I can't speak for them but for me, being there singing along to every song, laughing at Tom's and Mark's stupid jokes, and admiring Travis Barker's solo, it brought back a lot of memories from my teenage years. It was a really fun night, from the epic ride/transit down to Molson to the stupid so called "afterparties". I am glad Blink is back and playing together, +44 is cool and Angels & Airwaves is bleugh but Blink 182 is Blink 182. It's what's right (Travis, Tom & Mark), their music was the soundtrack to our adolencent years and it represented all those silly memories we all shared.

Blink 182 is back!

The Rock Show Part 1