I have to say I am impressed with this video since it's flashy but not overdone. But seriously though I love to hate you, since there's no doubt your a talented cat but you're jocking that BAPE/BBC/Ice Cream shit too hard that you can sometimes come off looking like a joke. Other than that he's good in my books

Everyday, Everything, Everywhere

I don't know how I feel about this album yet since I didn't download all the leak tracks I patiently waited for the whole thing. And the fact that Fabolous isn't known for putting together a good album. Anyway there's been a BTS video floating around for the making of this song, which got me real excited for this song. Ryan Leslie laid the tracks, Keri Hilson filled the hook and Fab came through with the punchlines. Dope song, hopefully the rest of the album is good and it gives me a reason to put up another Keri Hilson picture.

Everyday is my day Imma do it my way everyday
Everything about me, what they love about me everything
Everywhere that I be, feel VIP baby
And everybody's cool, but y'all just ain't me

What Went Wrong?!

For the longest time I had this Blink 182 song in my head, I remember the melody but just don't not the words. The last time I heard this song was in Grade 8. So every now and then this song will pop up in my head to haunt me because I have no idea what it's called. Every since a few weeks ago when we purchased tickets for the Blink 182 show on the 8th (yes! very excited) I've been on a mission to find out what this song was. I literally went through their entire discography, compilations and all, still nothing. Then last night when I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine Teddy (another Blink fanatic) I asked him about the song. I told him how I remember seeing a video of it where Tom is performing by himself on a stage with a red backdrop and I think Mark was dicking around when he was performing. After a few seconds he was like...."was it what went wrong?". A quick youtube seach later...

Mystery Solved


The actors look funny as hell, but hey at least they are jumping from the goddamn three point line and 20 gabillion feet in the air just to dunk the basketball. So in my book this is TOTALLY watchable.

Photoshop fun









It this not the most NSFW commercial ever or what


After watching this, it kind of made me wonder how many takes did they use for the "money shot". Since I assume they had to shake the shit out of the bottle and then put her mouth on it (LOL) without it spilling. On top that she had hold in all the gas and sprite. Nonetheless this is some legendary commercial, just too bad it got cut.


If there is a guy who I think will play football until he dies, it's Brett Favre. At almost 40 years of age Brett his flirting with the chance to play his 17th season in the NFL. Sure mock him all you want for "retiring" and "un"-retiring, but we all know that wasn't a sincere retirement because it wasn't time for him to leave this sport that he loves. And one more thing, what's this garbage about him being a diva and leaving the Vikings hanging about the possibility of playin for them. I think Brett's performance throughout his career (and his gatrillion NFL records) proves that if he wants to weight his options a little bit then that's what he is going to do, he is NFL royalty. Not to mention the man is 39 and just coming off a shoulder surgery so leave him alone. If he wants to play for you (Minnesoda Vikings) you should be jumping for joy and wait patiently for him to make up his mind. It's not like the quarterbacks you have will get you anywhere anyways.

And how good would it be though for Favre to put on a Viking jersey and play in the same division as his former team The Green Bay Packers. That's two for sure high rated classic games on tap this year (if he plays for them of course). So...I'd say...Let him play.


Today is the official release date for Michael Vick from his dog fighting sentence. It is still unsure if Roger Goodell will lift his "suspension" from the NFL for his part in the dog fighting ring. For Mike Vick that part of his life is now in the past, it's no longer about the dog. He has served his sentence, paid his due for his wrong doings. Now it's time for him to get back to what he does best, back where he belongs, in a NFL jersey playing football.

Whether you are a Michael Vick supporter or not, you have to pull for this guy. Sure he was wrong, he shouldn't have done what he did, but he admitted to his mistakes and served his sentence. All he need is a chance to prove to everybody, he's changed. In my opinion I think America owes him at least a chance, because they praised him, loved him when he was at his best and they stomped him, left him when he was at his lowest. Through it all he has lost almost everything, his fans, fortune, reputation. But it's nothing he can't get back, can't build back, all he is missing is a chance. I assume now for Mike Vick it's no longer about the fans, the fortune, and his reputation. It's about accepting this new chapter of his life and getting back to playing football.

As for commissioner Roger Goodell, please reinstate Mike and give him a chance to be back in under the lights every Sunday night.

Kitchen Appliance Hypebeast

If you don't think such "person" exists well then you haven't met my mother. It just seems that ever since we moved in to this house 5 or 6 years ago she's been buying and buying a lot of random kitchen appliances. I swear the god we have at least 3 "multi-functional" rice cookers. That's not even it, we have a soup maker, a waffle maker, a "rediculously" non-stick pan, a magic bullet, a big ass (most industrial size) juicer, 2 george foreman grills, 2 blenders, 2 coffee makers and just recently a bread maker. This is just the starting line up, I haven't even looked downstairs in the basement for the retirement players yet. But damn ever since a few weeks ago when I lent my friend our waffle maker I noticed how many random kitchen appliance we have out in the kitchen. Am I crazy of is everybody's house like this. But forreal though they're all like her toys, she brings some new stuff every other week and makes a load of shit with it (depending on what it is of course).

The Open Happiness

This turned out really dope, definitely one of those songs that will bring a smile to your face.

It's July


I am actually watching this episode of BB right now, I just had to pause and post this part up. During the "POV (Power of Veto)" competition where the house guest had to pop the pimples to collect letters and to spell the longest word they possible can. Jeff one of the house guest playing in the competition just admitted he's not much of a "speller" and that he can't even text the right words on his phone for the spell check to come up. Well when the competition was over, this was what he spelled "TECTRONICS". SMFH.


Now you're probably going "WTF", that's the same reaction I had when I stumbled upon those trailers last night. I wanted to laugh, but at the same time I was so puzzled at how these could be movies, legit movies. I honestly didn't believe these were real at all. They are not the funniest things I've seen on before but damn, seriously "Transmorphers". So I did some digging via. Wikipedia and found this.
"The Asylum (the company that made "Transmorphers") is an American film studio and distributor which focuses on producing low-budget, usually direct-to-video productions. The studio is best known for producing titles which appear to capitalize on productions by major studios. These titles have been dubbed "mockbusters" by the press."
So after reading that it wasn't as funny anymore and then I found this I was like "holy crap! look at all the movies they've made"


I am going to start downloading some of these and watch, just for the hell of it. Also for the fact that they're so low budget that they look funny as hell.

Repost: Introducing "darkmatters"

What's up everybody, welcome to our page (don't laugh I know that sounded funny). "darkmatters" is a small toy company founded by yours truly along a few good friends of mine. What we are trying to do with "darkmatters" is to work with different artists within Toronto to promote their art/bring them to life so to speak and to establish us as a Toronto based toy company. What started out as a normal conversation about our summers soon turned into discussions about the possibilities of starting and running our own business. A few months later and after countless hours dedicated to this project I am proud to say we are within arms reach from the starting line and officially dive ourselves into "the toy making business" (I know that sounded funny also). Initially starting out, I had some doubts of making all of this a possibility, because 1) we had no idea what we are doing or should be doing, 2) we needed funding 3) and as the old saying goes "never go into business with your friends". But turns out those obstacles were not as difficult to iron out as we had originally thought and honestly the team that we have (Dexter, Jeremy, Teddy, Jefford + Paddy) there's no other people I would do this with then them. Most of them I know for a very long time now (except for Jefford) and I trust them all, because at the end of the day that's all we can rely on is trusting in each other to make this all work.

With this site as well as our Twitter page, you can see updates from members of the team. We'll try to keep this as up to date as possible. With our first models coming soon, as well as various sketch ideas of upcoming projects, there should be a lot of interesting materials popping up soon. So keep your eyes peeled.

On the first train to Mexico

You could see me reaching
So why couldn't you have
Met me halfway
You could see me bleeding
But you could not put
Pressure on the wound

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You could see me breathing
But you still kept
Your hand over my mouth
You could feel me seething
But you just turned
Your nose up in the air

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You'd better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

Skip Bayless rips LeBron a new one

I didn't want to do this but...

I was just around browsing through my links when I noticed someone had left me a comment my previous post. I am always happy to receive comments and feedback from people. Then when I open the link, it turned out to be (pardon the language) some pussy ass fucktard who has so much time to leech on my site and call me names.

Now if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Even if you still choose to say it, please leave a name so I can holler at you. Don't pull some pussy move by calling me a fucking herb and leave your name out. Also if you're reading this, I hope to direct your attention to the little hit counter at the bottom left hand corner of the page. In case you don't know what that is, it's a stat counter that tracks the traffic going through my page. There's a log there with date and time, listings with IP addresses where I can find out who and where you are.

So please, leave me more comments. Leave a name for me this time too, but then again I don't need your name to figure out who you are.

PS. I know who you are!

The commercial gets me everytime


Overdose On Life Presents: Not The Remix...Baby

Overdose On Life Presents: Not The Remix...Baby
(click link or image to download)

1. Patron Tequila (Remix) - Paradiso Girls feat. Eve & Lil' Jon
2. Love Game (Chester French & Clinton Sparks Remix) - Lady GaGa
3. You'll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) - Santogold
4. Shut the Phunk Up (Censored Knee Deep Remix of "Shut Up") - Black Eye Peas
5. The Kids Aren't Alright (Wise Guys Remix) - The Offspring
6. Dope Boy Fresh (Jockin' Jay-Z) (Travis Barker Remix) - Jay-Z
7. Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Remix) - Good Charlotte
8. This Love (Christopher "Tricky" Stewart Remix) - Maroon 5
9. Love Lockdown (White Chokolate Remix) - Kanye West
10. Vermillion Part 2 (Bloodstone Remix) - Slipknot
11. Shuv It (Remix) - Santogold feat. Three 6 Mafia & Project Pat
12. I Want Those Flashing Lights - Colin Munroe
13. Pop The Glock (Original Mix) - Uffie
14. Impacto (Remix) - Daddy Yankee feat. Fergie
15. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) - Coldplay
16. Fire Superman (Mike Cash Mashup) - Santogold & Lil' Wayne

A close friend of me has been telling me to start making mixtape for her, since she is kind of lost in terms of music. Since taking her to a club for my birthday last year, she told me she had no idea what half of the songs playing were. So yeah a year later I finally remember my promise of making "the mixtape".

The whole process of putting a mixtape together is a lot tougher than I had originally thought. From gathering songs, to trimming down the list and putting the tracks in an order that would make sense. Long story short, this took a while to finish.

After hours of listening and going through different themes and genres. I decided to make this first one solely based on "Remixes". The name "Not The Remix...Baby" came from well...Lil' Wayne because whenever he jumps on a remix he'll go "It's the remix baby" like we don't know it's the remix. As for the song selection, I tried to keep it fresh by keeping the remixes that are featured as CD singles, B-sides, or bonus tracks. So it's not the remixes that you would hear on the radio everyday thus adding the title of "Not The Remix". Also I made sure it's an absolute remix not just the same beat with dozens of features (with the exception of the first track). As for the order of the track list, this was the most difficult step because I wanted this to flow well and not just jump from track from track. When you listen to it, you'll notice it starts strong with a party anthem type of song then it gradually slows down for a few slower tempo songs then it picks back up again for a strong finish. Finally for the artwork, I had no idea what to do with it and it frustrated me a bit because it was the only thing in the way of me finishing and uploading this whole thing. As you can see I played around with a picture of Santogold (now Santigold), I love her music and it's evident as she's featured on three tracks.

Anyways this is now done, I already listened to this like a gabillion times during the whole process. So give it a listen, I tried to make it for everybody to enjoy so...enjoy it. Feedback is always welcome. Thanks

Gucci fever

I think I caught the Gucci Mane fever. I never understood why people like him so much, although I can say that I am impressed after listening to a few tracks but still I didn't quite understand why he's so popular. I guess it's just the way he makes it work, his style, his whatever just works for him. But whatever the case I think I caught the Gucci Mane fever. I guess you can say I am a fan.


I am sad that I didn't my camera with me to document the cool events that went on this weekend. First of all I would like to thank all my friends that came out to the dinner, it was awesome. I've never had a BIG celebration before and having all of you guys there made me feel special, so I would like to thank all of you for that. Another thanks goes out to the "mastermind" Ms. Melanie Wu for trying her hardest to keep everything underwraps and planning the whole thing. Although she did slip up almost at the last minute but it's all good. She got me back by stealing my house key and decorated my door with brithday decor, leaving me dumbfounded and a heartbeat or two from a heart attack. From the bottom of my heart thank you guys so much for making my night so special. I am a happy 21 year old now!

R.I.P. Air McNair

I was skimming through my Tweetdeck when I came across a tweet from Kevin Durant that read "RIP Steve McNair". I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I literally rubbed my eyes to make sure I read it right. Then I proceed to check ESPN to confirm it, former NFL quarterback dead at 36.

Although the details surrounding his death is still being pieced together. Whatever happened the truth will come out. Aside from that, I am sure all NFL fans would agree with me that this was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. To me I will always remember him for his toughness of the field, his athleticism, his will, his drive and that he was inches away from winning a Super Bowl. He gave everything he had and more during his 13 year career. Words cannot express the amount of respect I have for him and the sadness I feel now that we lost another great one. RIP number 9.

Listen to

Changes Gonna Come feat. Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton

Do You Have The Stamina feat. Kanye West

Hard Work

Hellagood Intermission

You know I love free shit, I also happen to love dope free shit, and I LOVE it when it's good music. Anyways these two tape are some of the best shit out right now, I doubt they get the shine they deserve but yea look them up and just give it a listen. Hey I co-signed it so it must be good right?!?

Check this out vol. Soul 2 Sole by David Park

Fooling around on a hot summer afternoon

“The Mighty Ducks didn’t disappoint Emilio Estevez”

I thought this wouldn't see the light of day for another few days but I guess not. Within' minutes of the premiere I think it already crashed Anyways you know I am a huge fan of this dude, c'mon I watched Degrassi (old and TNG). But while I was watching this I wasn't sure how I felt about it because it looked mad corny and cut and pasted together with tons of BOOBs. Then around the 3:13 mark when Fab and Trey do their best Craig & Smokey impersonation from Friday "dammmmmmmm". Oh right the little speech at the end was jokes too. "Take that D, Take that D, Take it like the Champions that you are" "You all know what you can do in 2 minutes". Not too shabby, nice metaphor with the girls and the basketball team but Kanye dropped the ball on this. Until the next single.

Hey Bryan Colangelo!

In case you haven't noticed, there's this cool little tool over at titled "NBA Trade Machine" where wannabe GM's like me get to mess around with trade scenarios to see if they work within the NBA trade guidelines.

Now I know a lot of Raptor fans are bracing themselve's to the possibility of yet another franchise player skipping town. As of right now, the chances of Chris Bosh returning in Raptor red next season is very slim. Once again this franchise is littered with the "potential" tag, and that is simply not good enough to keep anybody around no matter, because in order for a player to make big time money (max contract) they have to earn it first by winning. Playing on a subpar or average team will not get you anywhere. So this creates a huge headache for everybody in Raptor land, what should they do with Chris Bosh?

My solution is simple, as simple as getting rid of Chris Bosh right now. Why? I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day discussing this issue and how Chris will be demanding a max contract next summer (6 years 136 million dollars?) People familiar with the NBA know that you don't neccessarily have to be a "max" player in order to get paid like one. This leads to another question, is Chris a max player? In the NBA there are only a handfull (being real generous here) of deserving max contract players. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, etc all carry lengthy resumes that includes MVPs, multiple playoff victories and of course for a few of them NBA championships. I know it's still too early to judge Chris Bosh's body of work in the NBA because he is only 25 years young which is far from the age when NBA stars reach their peak. No doubt he is talented, he's a winner, I respect what he has accomplished so far in his career. But this is literally a toss up, Chris is young, talented but injury prone and his production level has been the same the last three years and coincendentally his team failed to get far into the playoffs (missing it last year). The Raptors right now are a talented squad (even without Bosh) but they are littered with young players and if you count Shawn Marion the next player in terms of senority is Jake Voskuhl. This team lack the toughness and veterin leadership that a perenial playoff team has.

So with that said I found a team that should be a perfect fit on and off the court for our soon to be ex franchise player. Chris Bosh welcome to Houston Texas.

With the recent developments regarding Yao Ming's foot injury and it's implications. Knowing that this injury can be detrimental to the team's future, also the fact that it's hard to imagine the Rockets as the type of team that would fold under this type of situation and give up on the season. If Yao is out for the entire 09-10 season, there will be a huge hole in the middle for the Rockets to fill. Enter Chris Bosh, having the ability to play both the center and power forward spot I see Bosh as a perfect compliment for Luis Scola. Bosh's got the length and quickness that Scola lacks in low post defense. As a big men in the NBA Bosh is one of the best at running the floor. The Rockets equipped with one of the quickest guard in the league in Aaron Brooks and with Bosh they can finally play a faster pace that they couldn't with Yao in the lineup thus making their offense multi-dimensional. And do I have to really mention that Bosh is from Texas (although born in Dallas) being in the home state would be a huge confident booster.

In return the Raptors should take Shane Battier, Carl Landry and the contract of Brian Cook (waive him later to save money). This move could pay huge dividend for the Raptors, they get a proven and solid veterin player in Shane Battier, did I mention he's one of the best defenders in the league. Shane has the senority to mentor the flock of wing player/young players that we have on our roster. With Carl Landry we get another energy player, who can grab rebound in bunches. On paper, this may look like an unfair trade, but with the development of Andrea Bargnani, the rebounding machines in Reggie Evans and Carl Landry and the addition of Shane Battier. The Raptors are sure to improve in all of their weak areas in one fell swoop (scoring, defense, rebounding).

Win Win