I Just Wanna Get Along With You (An Open Letter)

“I been tryna say some things but words won’t come out/
We ain’t talk in so long feeling like you dumbed out/
But I came back for you in hopes that we could be together ‘fore our distance grows permanent and time runs out/
I recall that one summer three years ago/
I was so naive but prepared to grow/
And prepared to go anywhere that you might be/
And I always catered to things I felt you might need/
But you played me/
I sacrificed much for you/
All the sleepless nights that I stayed up for you/
Days when shit went wrong and I felt suicidal I ain’t slit nothing but I made some cuts for you/
Verbally communicated ‘cuz I heard that girls like that/
When that didn’t work I turned around to write that/
Little love letter outta sweet 16’s/
I was right back/
But something always wedged between/
I ain’t never like the clubs but I went cuz you did/
Everyone there was fucking with you, I’s so stupid/
I coulda been a jerk/
And just blew the scene, but I stayed home with you when I shoulda been at work/
And other women enticed me/
Fuck, who I am kidding? Other women liked me/
But it was always James you need to change up your Nikes/,
To shirts and slacks/
Once or twice I let em’ call me, I ain’t call back/
I was dangerous in love with you, kinda like B say/
While you played VIP or the booth with the DJ/
Never paid me no mind, always doin’ what he say/
Mom said you wasn’t right for me, you act so ea-zay/
Cuz nowadays, it’s like everbody done hit/
You a trifling whore, swallowing, you needing to spit/
But now that times is so thin/
You tryna go in/
But ain’t too many guys left tryna give you the dick/
So instead it’s back to James, I’m your safety net/
I done gave you so much, you ain’t thank me yet/
This time around, no bullshit, I need to collect/
On all the good things you promised ’round the time that we met/
I spent our three year anniversary in the house/
Couple parties that night, so you was probably out/
Don’t sweat it — and please don’t try to give me an excuse, cuz recently just dumb shit be coming out of your mouth/
No offense/
I guess this is where I’ll end/
The door is still open but you gotta walk in/
I hope we’ll be together in the right way soon, cuz despite your bullshit, you’re still my best friend”

So So So Bitter...but brilliant concept over an old Kelis track