Mr. Sippy Sippy

First of all, I am not going to defend Kanye for his outburst at the VMA the other night, because he was wrong for ruining the moment for the talented Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech. But really, was this really that bad?! As shocked as I am to see what happened, I am just as shocked to see that people are surprised by his antics. Come on people, this is Kanye West, certify egomaniac and is no stranger for these type of outburst. Remember...the Bush bashing, MTV Europe, AMAs. What I am surprised is that MTV has not apologized to Taylor Swift for allowing this to happen. Why should they apologized? Well it's not the first time MTV has allowed these type of things to happen, not to mention other crazy shenanigans. In my opinion, they should have be alerted when Kanye was seen taking swigs out of a bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet. For a person with a history of stage crashing and random outburst (did I mention he was drunk) I wondered my nobody stopped him on his way to the stage. What was everybody thinking? "Oh there goes Kanye, he's heading to the stage during a middle of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech because he's sure to have something good to say". Let's not forget it happened again during Jay-Z's show closing performance when they let Lil' Mama walk on stage and crash the performance.

With that said, there's no way to spin this to say Kanye was not wrong, he was wrong. It's just funny to see everybody blast him for the incident. The only bad part to this was who he did it to, an innocent up and coming pop star. Remember when he crashed the acceptance speech for Justice and Simian at the MTV Europe Awards when that happened, people did the same judging of Kanye's character but no one felt bad for Justice and Simian? When it happens to a 19 year old pop star, they crucify him as if he just pummeled Rihanna face inside a Lamborghini. Just let it go, get over it. When he goes on his next tour, everybody will still be there. When he drops his next album, everybody will go out and cop. Just let it go.


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