All For Friday Night

From the episode "Hello, Goodbye"

Coach Taylor has fought long and hard to get Smash a try out as a walk on to hopefully get him on the a team so he can go to college. Since Smash lost his scholarships the previous year by getting suspended and hurting his knee. Coach Taylor stood by his side because he believes in Smash, and he knows he is a good kid who just lost his way. So in this episode Smash got his chance and impressed the coaches at Texas A&M and finally made the team. So he's going to college, which also means this will be his last appearance on the show.

Coach Taylor to Brian "Smash" Williams: You listen to me, you listen to me closer than you've ever listen to me before. You remember that Rutledge game, fourth quarter you came into that game you took over that game play by play. You owned that game. I watched you that day and I said to myself "that kid is gonna go all the way". Right now, right here, god has placed you to do what you do best...go all the way.

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Coach Taylor addressing the team during halftime of the state championship game
here's a few on my favourite scenes

Coach Taylor to the team: When Jason Street went down the first game this season, everybody wrote us off...everybody. And yet here we are at this championship game. Forty thousand people out there have also written us off. There are a few out there who do still believe in you, a few who will never give up on you. You go back out on the field, those are the people I want in your minds, those are the people I want in your heart. Every man at some point in his life is going to lose a battle. He is going to fight and hes going to lose. But what makes him a man is at the midst of that battle he does not lose himself. This game is not over, this battle is not let's hear it one more time together...CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS CAN'T LOSE!!!

Coach Taylor's prep talk to Matt before he starts his first game as QB1

The boys (Jason, Smash, Matt, Tim) go out for a little fun in Herman field

Matt's breakdown

The scene where Coach Taylor gives his halftime speech in right in the middle of the video (4:12)