Never, never, never change...

I want to be different, to change, because I am sick of being nice. I don't want to play nice, it never gets me anywhere. When they say "nice guys finish last" they ain't lying. I want to feel what it's like to say "no, it's not okay" or "what about me?" I have tried to change, tried to be different. Not to say I want to be an ass to everybody. I just want to have things go my way for a change, or play by my rules. But it seems the harder and harder I tried to be different, the more I realize I can't. I guess Jay said it best:

I'll never change
I'll never change, I'm too stuck in my ways
...This is how it always be,
I’ll never change this is always me
From the womb to the tomb
From now to my doom


m.w. ♥ said...

and so you'll always be the nice guy.

the one that will never say no.

dmai21 said...

wouldn't you like that

jamiee.leung said...

say it david say it...

(: i like that your nice and an ass at the same time. LOLS

m.w. ♥ said...

i do like it, cause you've never said no to me :)