EDC sending messages

Now I know the whole Edison Chen sex scandal happened a while ago. He hasn't really been heard from since, but has recently resurfaced checking out the KAWS gallery. Not to mention he's still working hard (LOL) on his CLOT Inc. clothing line. Not to say what he's done was completely wrong, you got to kind of feel bad for him. Well since EDC can't really show his face to tell everybody how he feels...I think he's found an awesome alternative.

Check it out
New CLOT Hidden Message Tees

*from Hypebeast.com
CLOT offers up a new collection of t-shirts featuring hidden messages reflecting on controversies of the past. At first the graphics look like a grid box, until you steer your noggin in the right direction and see that there are hidden messages! Three different selections are available including: “Fuck the paparazzi”, “Only God can judge me” and “Sex is not a crime”. The set will launch November 25th, 2008 at the Juice store in Hong Kong and Clotinc.com while the white “Sex is not a crime” version will be exclusively sold at Malaysia’s Playground.