A Quick NBA Note

So I just went through a night's worth of highlights, and there's a few things worth mentioning

1. The Hawks are "Balllllllin!"

2. As much as I love "Skip", he needs to cool it because sooner or later his antics will effect his team and may damage his rep (whatever rep he has) in the league.

3. I realized that Raptors have a lot of problems
- Lack of backcourt experience (Will the Thill, Roko....nope)
- No plan B (high pick and roll high pick and roll high pick and roll) please come up with something else that we don't already know about
- We may have the worst perimeter D in the entire league
- Bosh is playing out of his mind, but he might not have anything in the tank later on for the long haul considering the amount of basketball he's played over the summer till now
- This shorten bench thing isn't working as well as they would like (they should of kept Defino)
- The scariest thing is that this team is one bad injury away from falling apart (CB4, JO, Jose)

4. CP3 & Dwight Howard are walking fantasy league stat stuffing machines

5. Is it possible that Lebron can fly under the radar?