The Giving Landy

There's this pair of friends (this is from a TV show so we'll just pretend) Landry and Tyra. At first these two started off on completely opposite end of the spectrum in terms of their status at school. Landry was a shy yet intelligent boy while Tyra was the popular blonde bombshell. They eventually got together under the strangest circumstances when Landry began to tutor Tyra since her grades were slipping. They began to build a strong bond, Landry knew that he had feelings for her while Tyra tried to advoid it until one night she was attacked until Landry came to her aid. From then on they became closer and closer, although they were never officially togerther they sure looked like it. Whenever Tyra needed Landry, whatever it was, he'd come through for her. Whether it was homework, or fixing things around the house, Landry was there for her. Even when her attacker came back for a second time, Landry was there. Long story short he killed for her. Knowing that Landry would go do anything for her, she began to feel that she need to feel the same way he felt for her. Then their relationship got really tested when Tyra chose a new fling Cash (real name, no lie) over Landry. Initially she questioned her decision but the thrill she gets from being with Cash drove her away from Landry. A few months later, while Landry seemed to have moved on, Tyra left everything behind so she could chase that thrill of being with Cash and followed him on his rodeo tour. Tyra soon saw the real side of Cash as they spend more and more time together. Until one night he gambled away all her money and left her by herself. Full of disappointment and regret, Tyra picked up her things and headed home. Knowing that she would have to face the music, she knew she had some serious catching up to do in terms of schoolwork. So the first person or rather only person she knew that could help her would be Landry. Landry obliged to help her. Until Tyra's needs became a problem with Landry which made him question his relationship with her.

**During one of their SAT s studying sessions Tyra suddenly demanded to take a break from working.**

Tyra: Do you want a coke or something? I can make a sandwich. I just need a break, let's take a break
Landry: Actually, I got band practice here in just a few minutes so we should probably finish these.
Tyra: Can't they just wait a half hour?
Landry: No, they can't just wait because I told them I'd be there.
Tyra: Are you guys like cutting a record or something?
Landry: We're not cutting a record but I am not just gonna to ditch them so I can have a sandwich with you. I told you that I would help you on your vocabulary words and that's what I am doing. (packs up his books)
Tyra: Wait! You're leaving? Why are you getting so mad?
Landry: I am getting so mad because you keep taking advantage of me because you know how I feel about you. You do it like it's nothing...and I just let (walks away and comes back)
Landry: Have you ever read the book "The Giving Tree"?
Tyra: Yeah?! When I was like 5. Why?
Landry: It's about this tree who loves this boy more than anything, and the boy just takes and takes and takes 'till there's absolutely nothing left but a stump. I am like the tree and your the little boy, youjust take and take 'till there's absolutely nothing left. That's exactly what I feel like...just a stump. Because this is not a friendship, you're's not a friendship.

Clearly Landry has a point. Tyra took advantage of Landry because she knows he would do anything thing for her and in a lot of ways she used him. But Tyra cannot be the only one to blame since Landry willingly gave into her demands. He prided himself promising to always be there for her when deep down he know she would never feel the same way for him the way he felt for her. So what y'all think? What should they do? What would you do?


dekstr said...

Landry should stop being a tree.