This is the pinnacle of "Swag"

For those who don't know who the story of Jame "Boobie" Miles, he was the star running back of the Permian Panthers of Odessa Texas back in 1988 which was featured best selling book "Friday Night Lights". He was legend in Odessa, "Boobie" had god given talents, he was made for football, he was destined for greatness, but after one blow to the knee, his once bright future became an afterthrought.

But this isn't the story about the man's tragic story. This is about how he carried himself. For those who read or watched "Friday Night Lights" Boobie came off as an arrogant star who put himself in front of everything. But can you blame him? Texas is a football state, all they do is play football, they put these kids on a pedastal and worship them like gods every Friday night. Boobie was just a product of the "Texas" state of mind.

Boobie carried himself like no other, he had that "Swag" that nobody can match. Who can rock those black on black cleats like him? Who has the testicular fortitude to rock a "Terminator 'X'" towel? When Boobie was at his best, nobody could touch him, because he didn't believe anybody can. That's swag. It's in every step he took, every time he carried the ball, every breath he took. He had that swag that no one can match. If you still don't believe go watch the movie or read the book.