Is there nothing we can believe in anymore?

A few weeks ago when I wrote about what I had hoped this December can bring me. I had a certain belief, I believed that there's always a brighter side, there's always hope, there's always something good underneath it all. One week in and I am starting to stop believing. Maybe I am just naive. I shouldn't put my own beliefs upon others because all you get is disappointment.

"Spend any amount of time around people, you get your heart broke. Treachery, hypocrisy, promise of love. Look into the mouth of a person and you'll find lies, wriggling there like maggots, waiting to grow wings. The world has gone mad. A man could kill from sun up, to sunset, and still his work would never be done." - Ernie Dell

It seems no matter how things carry out, I just can't shake off this quote. I am not hoping for no fairytales, but is there nothing good to believe in anymore? Is there no more hope?

Everybody needs something good to believe in. Something to inspire them. Something to push them forward. What happens when you lose that belief?

So much stuff just do not make sense. Too many questions, not enough answers

So much needed to be said, but cannot be said.


dekstr said...

Just keep your head up.

What's going on with you anyway?