The Big Bang Theory

Saturn 3 or Star Trek: Deep Space 9? That is the question that Sheldon and Raj must answer. Both want to watch the respective shows, and using Leonard's suggestion of Babylon 5 as a compromise just won't work. Raj suggests the old standby of rock-paper-scissors, but Sheldon declines. Explaining that people who know each other will tie 75-80% of the time, he suggests Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock. (Which we'll call RPSLS so I don't make my carpal tunnel worse.) The rules:

1. Scissors cuts Paper

2. Paper covers Rock

3. Rock crushes Lizard

4. Lizard poisons Spock

5. Spock smashes Scissors

6. Scissors decapitates Lizard

7. Lizard eats Paper

8. Paper disproves Spock

9. Spock vaporizes Rock

10. Rock crushes Scissors