This is why you're fat

While I was going through the Blogosphere the other day, I came across a food blog called "FOODBEAST" maybe I am madd late on this but it's essentially a "food" equivalent of Hypebeast.

Food is the one topic we all understand. Whether it’s fast food, gourmet restaurants or eating at home, here at Foodbeast, those genre barriers are non existent. We are a small family of editors dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date food experience on the web, devoid of any formal culinary education. Instead, we simply deliver everything that’s happening with the food you love to eat!

Stay hungry everyone!


One of the most frequent contributors to FOODBEAST is a site called "This is why you're fat" which encourages its online readers to post pictures of a particular "grossly good" food item.

For example


Bacon Poutine

Egg n’ Ham Sammich

(A regular ham and cheese sandwich but topped with 11 sunny-side up egg yolks.)

Big Mac-Chicken With Cheese

(A McDonald’s Big Mac with cheese, but with fried McChicken patties instead of buns.)

for many more hit up "FOODBEAST" or "This is why you're fat"