Super Bowl hang over

What more can I say?!? "SixBurgh!!!" "Blitzburgh!!!" Whatever you want to call them, they are forreal, two Lombardi's in 3 years...yeah they are forreal.

It was arguably one of the best Super Bowl this decade...well aside from Super Bowl XXXVIII where Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme went off with a ridiculous 34 combine points in the 4th quarter. But I guess Super Bowl XLIII was good enough to make people forget about that.

What made this game was it's unusual calmness and the amount of big plays that is not for the faint of heart. In what seemed to be a rather uneventful 2 weeks leading up to the big game, unlike recent history no one verbally attacked no one. It was awkwardly professional to say the least.

The game itself was another story on it's own. Steelers' came out with a "huge" 9 play 71 yard drive to put 3 points on the scoreboard to open the game. It was an back and forth first half that saw the Steelers dominate the ball early and then it was the Cardinals' turn as they controlled the ball in the second. Then DC Dick Labeau outsmarted Kurt Warner by calling a timed blitz that led to the now over played-yet still rediculous 100 yard pick six by James Harrison. Unlike last year's three quarter defensive standoff between the Patriots and Giants...we were scoring points. Then shit happened when Cardinal seemed to have flipped the script and pulled ahead 23-20 with 2:37 left. I dropped to my knees in disbelief and my mind was like "Holy FUCK" this ain't right. After a short kick return to our 22, I remembered. I remembered the Week 4, 11, 14 and 15. What do they have in common? All are won in on the final drive. So with roughly a little over 2 minutes to go and 78 yard to go, I knew we can do this. Sure enough 2:02 minutes later Big Ben found Santonio for the fourth time on the drive in the corner of the end zone fully extended displaying a perfect toe tap, catch...touchdown. That was simply amazing on many levels; 1) Santonio was wide open on a timed fade route on the opposite corner but let it slip right through his hands. 2) For the entire game Santonio simply carried this team the entire night with Hines Ward not completely 100% and anybody who's watched Santonio's three year with the Steelers know that Santonio is "not that guy" and to see him dominate that night was mind blowing. 3) On the final play Santonio was Ben's third read after Mewelde Moore and Hines Ward but with everybody covered Ben heldon for as long as he could before seeing Santonio in the corner. 4) It was over 3 Cardinals defenders.

Simply amazing. To me it was even an greater feeling than winning Super Bowl XL because that game was to say the least "sloppy". Compared to this "doozy" of a fourth quarter capped of by the career defining final drive by Big Ben. Simply amazing