Your sex is on fire

Funny article out of Memphis Commercial Appeal which talks about the recent shooting slump Maric Jaric has been in.

"He isn't distracted. That's the first thing Marko Jaric points out whenever his ongoing shooting slump is mentioned. Jaric isn't frustrated by the keen interest in his personal life being linked to a sudden downturn in his professional performance. The Grizzlies' backup point guard insists he's matured. If anything, Jaric is a little confused about one aspect of him missing his last 21 field goal attempts. It's been six straight games combined with a final shot Feb. 11 at Philadelphia since Jaric sank a basket. Part of the 6-7 veteran's wonder comes from why the drought is newsworthy. 'If I go 0-for-25 it's not going to bother me,' Jaric said. 'I'm out there playing and trying to help us win. I know I can play ... not scoring any points.'"

Well according to the article, Marco Jaric has gone 6 straight games without a field goal and is 0 for 21 in that span. Now for a guy who plays 10 to 15 minutes a night and averages like 4 to 5 shots a game, one must wonder "how the hell do you miss that many shots".

Easy explanation, as you've all probably know by now, Mr. Jaric here recently close the deal with the hottie above (Adriana Lima). Since the formerly Miss Lima claims that she is was a virgin. Assuming with all 27 years of sexual energy that she's stored up, she must of gave Marco the time of his life that night.

So besides the hilarity from the fact that Marco plays like he had the life sucked out of him (not sure if the pun is intended or not) and is in a major slump. Let's not get too down on the man, he's gets to go all up that THIS, it's a surprise he can still play let alone hit a shot.