David Knows

I've been a fan of Levi Maestro's work for a minute. I remember a while back, I used to be like who the fuck is this dude. Then he started his show Maestro Knows and I've been a fan since. Above is his most recent Maestro Knows episode. He's in New York right now following Anthony Hamilton on tour and dudes just been skating from spot to spot. It reminds me of my trip to NYC last year and how much I want to go back. Anyways back on topic it's just really cool to see his interaction with people and it just seems like this guy is mad connected. If you're familiar with his show, it just seems like this guy knows everybody. I think it's gotten to a point where I want to pick up a camera and start shooting stuff. Just playing I know nothing about making videos and junk. But check him out either on his blog or his hypebeast blog.