Photoshop magic

I love to mess around with photoshop, I don't do it as much as I use to, before I would always have it open so I can play around with pictures. Nowadays I only use it when I have a purpose for using photoshop. So with that said, the other day I was asked by a friend to help restore an old picture. Her mom had removed it from the original frame and during the process a "good" portion of it was ripped off the surface of the photo. Therefore leaving rips and white patch(s) on the bottom of the photo. My job was basically to "fill in the blank". I was "iffy" on posting this since I don't have the permission to but it's nothing a little smiley face can't fix. I am only posting this because I am proud of the work I did fixing this. Here's what I did.

Now I am not a pro, so to speak, there are flaws on the final product so don't kill me for it.

The Original
Step One
Step Two
Step Three (originally this was suppose to be the finished version, but i messed up the shadow on the right leg)
Final Product