Freaks and Geeks

I was at Best Buy the other day wasting time, when I saw a boxset for "Freaks and Geeks" remember these guys?! Apparently a lot of people have never heard of "Freaks and Geeks", because this show is 10 years old and it was only around for one season. I remember when I was maybe 11 or 12 when this show was around, it was probably the first non family/kids show I've watched. I remember how I used to have a huge crush on Linda Cardellini's character Lindsey. It's just so strange how most of these guys have moved from doing a critically acclaimed show to big blockbusters. The real funny thing is that I hated Seth Rogen's character Ken because...well if you watch it you'll understand why. But now I am a huge fan of his work. Anyways I regretted not buying the boxset because I never watched all of the episode, so doing what I do best I downloaded the whole thing. Shhhhhhhhh. Alright, episode 3 let's go.

I forgot to mention how many cameos they had on the show, but then again nobody really has any idea who they were because they only choose lesser known actors. I am not sure who else was on it, I only remember Rashida Jones, Shia LeBeouf and Ben Stiller.


abalionaire said...

i enjoyed that show, except in the last few episodes, where things just got really abrupt - probably because they got the boot.
funnily enough, i only started watching the show because i saw the box set at best buy and recognized most of the cast.