Does it not bother you...

That for the last few years that we've all turned against the men in the picture above and now that he's gone everybody is acting like he's our best friend. It's like all the MJ haters out there all of a sudden disappeared and now that he passed away they act like they've been on his shit all along. Now I get it you want to pay respects to the man but my god, it's just crazy how many people are acting like they've been on this man's side all of these years.

Another thing that bothers me is his family, I am sure we've all read stories about Joe Jackson and how he allegedly abused Michael when he was growing up. Well I don't need to go any further, just watch this.

This is borderline comical, you had to be reminded by a reporter to call Michael your "son". You have to get a publicist to read a statement. You even have the nerve to promote a record distribution label. Just listen to the grief in his voice. SMH.


Jess said...

It bothers me in general when people who didn't really know an individual makes an enormous deal out of their death. Though I tend never to say anything because any remorse is good, right? I completely agree with you. Kudos for bringing this up! I've always admired his music and style but I'm not going to act like his I was his #1 fan now that he's passed away.