Bring me back

No lyrics this time, just listen.

I gave Alright, Still a listen last night, I don't know why but I did, and I am glad I did. I just really liked that album. It reminds of so much, you see that's how my brain works. I store a lot of random memories and junk in my head, and the smallest thing reminds me of those memories or thoughts, they all come sprawling out. That's how I can often remember dates so well, you give me something like what I may have done and I can tell you what date it was, because I just remember it. Alright, Still was probably one of those albums I would never listen to. Perhaps it was too pop for me or I had no clue who Lily Allen was. Musically, Lily and I would never have crossed path if it wasn't recommended to me by this girl who I had a thing for at the moment, so I figured "it wouldn't hurt". Now I don't know if there's really such a thing as love at first listen but if there is then you can chalk this up as such, I was in love with the album. Everything from the production, lyrics and musical style was dead on, it just blew me away (word to Mark Ronson). The few months that I listened to it on repeat, coincided with some of my happiest moments. I guess that's why I remember so much just from listening to it, it's takes me to the happy memories, the happy place so to speak. I guess then I wouldn't have problem of letting those feelings go for a minute and just place it on the album. Even if I do forget one day, I would know where those memories are, the memories that I wouldn't trade for anything, the memories of...;)

"The littlest things that take me there I know it sounds lame but its so true"