This was more crazier than I thought

5:30 a.m.

Three Mississauga students scope the store's layout through the glass doors and come up with strategy. One will go left, the other right and the third straight ahead to the accessories table.

"You have to have a group strategy and you can't be too greedy," says one. "You have to decide what is the most important piece you want," says another. "I want the blue suit but the jacket is on one side and the pant is on the other side of the department. There is no chance of me getting both if I was alone."

Oh how I remember these girls, the had this hypebeast thing down to a tee. In the span for 4 plus hours they managed to:

- buy 4 rounds of coffee (Starbucks & 2nd Cup)

- steal a metal chair from Dundas square

- all three of them changed jackets

- although they weren't the most attractive looking bunch, but would still get a pass from me (smh) then they pulled out their lil death sticks and started killing themselves slowing right in front of me (biggest f'n turnoff)

- talked about clothes

- got on TV

- game planned

- created an awkward moment when one of them pulled out her Ray Bans (mines were already on)

9:25 a.m.

Stephen Thompson (one of the few people willing to give his name) is an outsider here. He is neither fashionista nor frequent shopper – in fact, he owns a construction company. He has driven from Mississauga for the love of his wife: She has instructed him to get the tunic top she saw on a recent episode of Cityline, even drawn him a helpful picture.

No one tells him he is too far back in the line. No one tells him it is hopeless.

Respects to this man right here, He cam prepped with a drawing so he can buy a dress for his wife. Too bad he didn't get what he was looking for.

10:02 a.m.

Two minutes after opening, the cash registers ring in the first item of the day, a short abstract print chiffon dress.

I always envisioned reading about myself in the newspaper, I'd just never thought it would say I was buying a dress.


Paddy Leung said...

I still cant believe you stood there alone early in the morning for that dress, you are insane my friend

m.w. ♥ said...

i heart you david :)

jamiee.leung said...

you were there alone?

...why do you need a dress?
are you going to wear a beautiful dress the next time we hang out? (:

dmai21 said...

maybe i will