The powers of GOOGLE!

I got a funny story for y'all. If you haven't noticed, I follow a lot of blogs (some quite religiously) occasionally there are materials on some of those sites I would find to be inspiring. Yesterday I was going to write about this quote from one of the blogs (this one being LostintheWILLderness), I vaguely remember what the quote was but it was something like "it's impossible to find your perfect match..." (the actual quote is "it's impossible to find your perfect match. It's about finding someone with flaws that you can accept") so I googled it. This is what I got.

[click to enlarge]

Being the quote crazy person I am, I looked up the whole quote so I can in turn quote the person for the quote (say it fast 5 times...jk).

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I ended up finding this.

The rest of this story can be found HERE.
Apparently dude copied and pasted 18 posts word for word and used it as his (smh).


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