28 things for GUYS to keep in mind during a first date

After watching last nights episode of "The Office" where Kevin had a dilemma about whether or not he should ask this girl out on a date and if he does what he should do. Well if you caught it last night then you know what I'm talking about (Boobs) Just kidding.

Anyways I just skimming through the blogosphere and I found this neat little list regarding the "28 steps GUYS need to take on the FIRST DATE!" Why 28, I have no idea but it's pretty funny but interesting read.

This is gonna be a long read so you can bounce if you don't want to read it. DEUCES

1) Make sure you know what she’s wearing so you’re not too overdressed cuz you’ll make her feel bad, and you dont wanna be underdressed cuz ull make her look bad.

2) Brush your teeth and make sure u look clean and smell fresh

3) “Hey, I just wanted you to know Im outside, but dont rush. Imma just listen to some music in the car.” Dont rush her to be ready as soon as you’re there. Let her take her time and come out when she’s comfortable, Im sure she’s aware of the time.

4) When she get out the front door, get outta your car too.

5) Walk up to her and give her a hug and a compliment, but dont be too lame, point out something that specific. ” I love your shoes/earrings/ ur hair.” Dont be so cliche to just say you look good.

6) If her body is righteous and her booty looks wicked in them pants, or her boobs are looking great, try not to stare! lmao. like fuck, dont pull a move like…’dayum, cant wait to get back here tonight!’ lmao

7) Open the car door for her.

8) Close the car door for her…lol…I know that sounds obvious but most people dont close the door and just walk off after they open it.

9) Dont drive off until she buckles up, let her know that her safety is your concern.

10) Ask her if shes cold or hot, heat or a/c?

11) Make sure you have suitable music, if its your first date, you might not wanna play any k-ci and jojo, r.kelly, or plies! lol

12) Dont try to be all Super Dave and drive like a lunatic, drive like that on your own. Die by yourself! lol

13) Hopefully, the location for the date is a social place. A movie is good, as long as you have coffee/tea/ dinner before or after. A date at your house all alone doesnt give a good impression and neither does just a movie date…cuz you cant talk at the movies. Learn about the person you’re with. Do something fun and beyond the average…dont be so typical, but dont be too extra either. Go to the zoo, go to a museum, art gallery, jazz bar, an exhibit of sorts, a walk in a special park, go bowling, mini golfing etc. You wanna stand out from all the guys who date her. Chances are, if you’re taking her out, she’s probably special to you. Special ppl deserve special treatment. Im sure the last guy already took her to the movies…so right now, you’re every other guy. Think about it.

14) Always make sure that she’s not hungry or thirsty, thats shes also not too hot or cold. Let her know you care for her comfort.

15) Dont ask too many closed ended questions, or too many personal questions. Dont talk about too many personal things of ur own or pry about her business. Step by step. Like I said, comfort first.

16) Dont start talking about sex or freaky stuff either. If she’s really the special woman you think she is, it means she prolly has a lot of dudes hollering. Dont be one of the dudes that juss thinks shes hot with no personality or character. She doesnt wanna feel like all you want to do is just bang her. Respect the woman and value her fully. Besides, once the topic of sex kicks in, how do you know you really like her? Cuz now sex plays a factor into your feelings and actions. How you know you like a woman is by how long you’re willing to go on being good friends without trying to pull a move. Its that you get along on a personal level and you guys speak at a good capacity and pace. Trust me when I say this, do not talk about sex! Dont fit in, stand out!

She prolly has a lot of dudes trying to sleep with her and ask her those stupid questions, be the guy who doesnt. Refresh her faith in men! Dont be a fuckin dog. lol. Not all of us think with our dicks…So dont reinforce the stereotypes. She probably has invested a lot of time in creating such a beautiful person (intentionally or not), so make note of that. Take that in, and show her you appreciate how she has respected her mind, her roots, her values, her culture, her body. She’s not just a piece of meat. lol

17) Try to talk about ideas and deep, intellectual or philosophical things. Try not to gossip or pull to many hater comments. lol…like “omg! i was blah blah yesterday, and this chick was wearing ray tay. so wack.” lol. Its cool for a second, but…I dunno, if she’s the an intellectual, educated or the deep thought type, get a piece of her mind. Stimulate her senses. Personally, I love that stuff. Smart women are the hottest thing in the world. As long as she isnt crazy opinionated and thinks the whole world is gonna end, ppl are psycho, everyones retarded and she insists you believe it too…if shes crazy, end the date early by msging ur boy, or ur girl and telling her to call you saying its an emergency and get the fuck outta there! lose the chick too! lol (im playing…sorta)

18) Be a gentlemen and pay for her, hopefully she’ll insist to pay (I hate it when women never offer to pay, I never let them pay, but I hate when they never insist). If she pays for dinner because she feels bad and really wants equality (which is fuckin awesome), you better pay for the movie, or the admission to wherever the hell you’re going next. lol

19) Try not to pick up the phone and have a full out conversation or bb or heavily text anyone while ur out with her. Let her know she has your undivided attention.

20) Dont play the music too loud in the car that she cant talk to you.

21) At the end of the night be sure to thank her for her company and time. Let her know that you appreciated it and maybe juss say thanks for whatever she did during the date.

22) Get out and open her car door, hold her hand while she’s getting out.

23) Let go of her hand after she gets out! Dont be all weirdo and desperate and shit! lol. Dont act all super confident and think that you gonna score and shit.

24) Walk her to her front door, unless her dad is a psycho and will shoot ur fuckin brains out. Then open the door for her, hug her quicktimes and get the hell back inside and gun it until you cant see her house in the rear mirrors no more.

25) If her daddy aint psycho, then walk her to her door. And juss hug her. Dont force a kiss!!! In fact, dont even do it at all!!! Its better that way, even if she invites you in, dont go! Its not that you’re playing hard to get, but its to let her know, I respect you, and this is not what I had planned. I want to let you know I adore your mind and personality and I dont want us to regret anything so soon. Easy come, easy go right. You want to move in stages and increments. You want things to look forward to. Today a hug, tmr you hold hands, the next you kiss, the next you spend alone time in a more private setting, the next you cuddle, then maybe at the point you guys can…boom shaka laka. lol. Try to make it fairy tale like. You want to give her a story she can call her girls and brag about. “OMG! He is so chivalrous. He didnt even come in when I asked him too. And he didnt try to kiss me or nothing.”

Trust me! Be a winner! lol

Just hug her and smile, and in your most sincerest voice…”Thank you so much for spending the evening with me.” As lame as that sounds, its true. I mean…understand, a lot of things in life are lame, especially the truth. Sometimes being lame is a lot better than then trying to dress things up and trying to sound smooth and suave. Somethings are so real, it has to stay raw. Just say it how you feel it. Thats how you know its real sometimes…by how lame it is. You say cool things to sound slick, and you say lame things cuz its true…you say stupid things cuz ur an idiot. So just dont say anything stupid. I dont have an example of anything stupid…lol

26) This ones for ladies, please, say something nice too beyond juss thank you. We like to feel appreciated too, especially after all the hardwork that was put in to make you feel like a princess. And please ask us to give you a call or text, or bb you when we get home so you know we’re home safe. It means more than you know.

27) Back to the fellas, drive away only after she goes inside the house. When you get back in the car, look back one last time in case she waves. Wave back, dont be all gangsta and drive away doing a fuckin burnout blasting “So Far Gone” down her street.

28) And dudes when you get home, do msg her back and tell her that you’re home safe, tell her you had a wonderful evening once again. It doesnt hurt to tell them that. Tell them to sleep well and that you hope to see them soon.

Of course this really only apply to people who have found someone special and not just any regular girl. If you want a real woman, you gotta treat her right. Good things don't come easy, so you’re gonna have to put in work. Remember then time and effort that you put into a woman, determines their value. Just like an education or a good paying job. You had to work for that shit. Sometimes, you’ll just be blessed with a good girl and everything works out really fast…it happens, but it's rare. So this is what we all need to learn.