It's the REMIX baby

Ok well it's really not, but over the last week or so I got a chance to learn about this Arts/Culture program in Toronto and what it does to help make in difference for the youths in Toronto.

Here's a little excerpt I pulled from the Remix Project website:

The Remix Project is a youth program that acts as an arts and cultural incubator in Toronto, Canada, North America’s cultural capital. Young people aspiring to start careers in the urban arts sector drive the program by developing personal six month plans for success. We help these entrepreneurs through:

• A knowledgeable and supportive staff team, ready to guide youth through their career choices and six-month plans.

• A 4,800 sq. ft. facility, with a full recording studio, business development centre, visual art lab, video editing suite & more.

• A range of mentors, who are relevant industry professionals work one on one with young people to provide guidance and feedback in greater detail.

• Regular workshops that bring in industry professionals to talk about their experiences, and give practical steps to maintaining a successful career.

For more info. head over to to find out more about the program and read the people that they have helped over the years.

There's tons of info on this wonderful little program here in Toronto and it has made differences in a lot of peoples lives. So I am just trying to help spread the word. Another thing is that as many of you should know, our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government has already cut about 45 million dollars in funding from the Arts and Cultural programs. With that said a lot of these great Arts and Cultural programs like Remix may not exist much longer because of the cuts. So please please please, help spread the word. If you know about Remix, help spread the word, if you know about other programs out there, also help spread the word. These programs do so much to reach out to the youths in our communities and they help make significant differences in their lives. With the way our communities are right now, things have been progressively getting worst, from the drugs, the shootings. There's are a lot of young people out there who needs help and guidance. Remix and other wonderful programs does exactly that so once again please help spread the word. Every little bit helps. Thanks.