I love CSI

...especially this time of the year, when the writes get on their grind and cook up some good stories. It all began last week with the Taylor Swift episode on CSI, then CSI Miami's insanely twisted episode on Monday and finally last nights' episode of CSI New York was even better.

It was good in a different way, for those who watched it, the beginning was nuts but what made the episode was the ending.

For those who haven't been following their developing relationship on the show. They've been on off for a bit now. Only to be brought back together by Lindsay's pregnancy. Danny had proposed once before but Lindsay said no because she told him they he was doing it for the wrong reason and that if they were going to do this one day, it had to be for them. Well fast forward to last night when Danny tells Mac that he is scared to disappoint Lindsay and not being being able to be good father for their baby.

At the end, Danny proposes again.

It's a very touching moment, especially for me whom have watched every single friggen episode to date and I love these TV moments.