Food Blogs

I love food blogs, I wish I can say I am a cooking machine and can whip up a meal from scratch as if I was a walking recipe book but I can't. So I take pleasure in reading about food, recipes and etc. The other day I stumbled upon this blog called "The Pioneer Woman" and it hits all the right spots.

Meet Ree Drummond aka. The Pioneer Woman. A former city girl turned domestic country wife, who writes about anything from her kids to food to photography. What I am particularly drawn to is her food blog, to say the least her recipes (look) absolutely intoxicating. She takes time to go into every recipe because with each recipe there is a back story, and with it a step by step detailed to the bone description (along with pictures...referring to the look part). It makes you feel like you're literally sitting inside her kicthen watching her cook up these dishes.

Aside from sharing her recipes, she also is enjoys photography and gardening. Both of which has it's own section on The Pioneer Woman.

So do check it out on your spare time, it's a wonderful blog to visit.