Ain't no party like a S__________ party?

Alright so I am not the party type, not too into clubbing unless it's a club that's got good music. But a friend of mine has been bugging me for a minute about this thing called "Shuffle" that goes down once a month down at Revival. The concept of "Shuffle" is real simple, basically they just shuffle through songs from genre to genre, so you can be bumping to some R. Kelly and next thing you know ACDC is on. After watching some of their videos off their youtube channel, I was convinced, because you can see how into it the crowd it, the music is REAL LIVE and you know when 1LoveT.O./Remix fam is in the building it's going to be a real PARTY. So with that said since their last one was yesterday, I am thinking of hitting up the one in June.

Shout to 1LoveT.O. & Remix (Get Give Money, Make Change)


dekstr said...

yo give me a holler and i'll crash your party at the club haha

anyway what have you been up to? i've been pretty much out of loop in terms of what's going on with everyone... so hopefully we can catch up sometime.