I have a problem

For those who know me, know that I love my music and my iPod. Ever since copping it back in '05 I've been carrying it everywhere I go. Since I got the OG 5th Gen iPod (60gb) and knowing how I download music by the gigabyte, it's a surprise I have lasted this long without ever reaching full capacity. I always like to keep things fresh deleting stuff I don't listen to no more (or wondered why I even downloaded in the first place). But recently it's been kind of tough since I am very sentimental, and I hate to part with some of the files. This has also created another problem, I know that one day I will go over that 60gbs (55.68) and I know I will need a new iPod. But I love this one so much I can't come to the fact that I will have to part with it one day. I hate having to throw away things, because I feel like everything has a sentimental value and it's very difficult for me to ditch things. Well I am still alright at the moment floating around 10 gbs, I really don't want to delete anything or get a new iPod (because I'll miss it). I just wanted to rant about this that's all.