Gone Fishing

For those who know me, knows I talk a lot...whether it's sports, music, movies, tv shows. Whatever it is I can go on for days, that's because I can't help but share with people all the things that I digging. Some people might not like it but I don't really give a flying (you know what). Also with this blog I've been able to blog about some of my favourite shows, movies, etc. With the hope that somebody will read, watch or listen to my two cents and become a fan. Anyways let's get on topic shall we.

Above is the cover art for the lastest
Cool Kids mixtape "Gone Fishing". For those who don't know who "The Cool Kids" are...it's not my job to tell you who they are, my job is to provide you a link <--there so you can click on it and open up to the wonderful Wikipedia page that should have more than enough information than you'll need to know. Back on topic, I was kind of late on these guys simply because they rocked xxl t's and sagged their skinny jeans (sorry sometimes I judge a book by the cover). With that said I told myself I won't dig their music because I didn't like how they dressed. Months later, like the hypocrite that I am I watched they're video for "Pennies" and I felt like an idiot the moment the hook came in "kick it in the city/when we in/around town/next door neighbors tellin us/that it's too loud/now neighbor, can you please just turn that mess down?/this is the sound of throwin pennies on the ground". It was not to say I was blown away by that but I was amazed at the fact that the hooked was so fluent, crisp and memorable because by the time the first verse was done I could repeat the hook already word for word. Now that I've gotten the chance to listen to some of their other records, I must admit I am impressed. Because their flow is tight, their word play is nice and they just have fun with it. They don't talk about politics they just rhyme about their gear, and their kicks. Just being "cool" with it that's why they are "The Cool Kids". Like them, hate them Their new mixtape should be out in the next few hours on coolxkids.com (free downloads) definitely give them a listen if you're interested for some "fun" hip hop...even if you're not you should download it because it's free.


Paddy Leung said...

I love the cool kids - my running music !

dekstr said...

the intro to 2k9!