Hey Ma I'm on Perez Hilton.com (sort of)

Alright so I mentioned in my previous post about one of my videos from the So Far Gone Tour where Drake give a shout out to (his rumoured) girlfriend Rihanna and how it's been getting mad views well, turns out it was posted on 2Dopeboyz. Well I got a call today from a friend (who is a Perez Hilton addict) that my video is on perezhilton.com. I was like "oh snap, that is pretty cool" although I don't know how I could be excited because it's just a video I took, it's not like I am in the video or even if I am in the video it's not exactly a good thing to be on that site. But it's still cool to find something you're associated with to be on one of the more well known sites out there.