Goodbye for now

I love to blog, and it's obvious that I spend a lot of my time on here. But I think it's time for some change. I thought about moving over to tumblr (because I love their clean designs) but my peeps are (with exception to two) here on blogger so I will stay. What I need to do is some cleanup, re-pimp out this page so there's something fresh for my eyes (and your's) to look at. With the new change, I think I need to refocus my direction and purpose for this blog. I felt that I have drifted away from the initial purpose of starting this blog. I wanted this to be about me, to write about stuff that makes me happy, to share and I felt that sometimes I forget about that and post too many random things. But I do appreciate all the feedback and encouragement (you know who you are). So with that said, I need to get to working on a new layout, re format my posts, delete useless posts. Start fresh!



dekstr said...

yo i was at EB games yesterday and Madden '08 on xbox 360 is only under $20.

I was thinking about getting it but I got FIFA 08 instead.

dmai21 said...

r u serious

wat year r we in lol madden 08

skinofalion said...

yo mangz, i don't even know how to post an image or a link yet, forget about clean designs. but i heard tumbler is pretty sexy.

i told geoff what you told me. maybe you guys should say hi to each other soon, huh?