Hardly home but always reppin' - cont

After realized I have no idea how to shrink my massive video files, I gave up and decided to let youtube slowly upload them for me. The results was a long wait but the vids look great in high quality. Too bad my memory card can't take too many of these. But yea as promised here are the videos that I took from the show the other night.

Probably the biggest part of the show, I got goosebumps when Bun-B came on stage (pause) and I still get goosebumps everytime I watch this video. Dude is a legend in this game, it's so cool for him to come here and show mad love to the fans. And it's friggen Bun-B! r.i.p. Pimp C, 14 years in the game and it's still UGK 4 life.

I know this video is incomplete, that's because I ran out of memory from putting my camera at the wrong setting. I was hoping I could at least catch the hook for "City is Mine" but couldn't.


Here's the full so called "freestyle" with the BB reference, it wasn't really a freestyle because we all know he ain't a freestyle rapper. It's just dope how he set it up and stiffed armed the haters (me included) out there who was heated about his lame freestyle on Hot 97 with Flex where dude read his rhymes off his BB and still managed to lose track of himself by adlibing for like 3 minutes. But nonetheless after this all is forgiven. HA! Peep the crowd reaction after the BB line.

footage from the booth. Recapping the show.