If there is a guy who I think will play football until he dies, it's Brett Favre. At almost 40 years of age Brett his flirting with the chance to play his 17th season in the NFL. Sure mock him all you want for "retiring" and "un"-retiring, but we all know that wasn't a sincere retirement because it wasn't time for him to leave this sport that he loves. And one more thing, what's this garbage about him being a diva and leaving the Vikings hanging about the possibility of playin for them. I think Brett's performance throughout his career (and his gatrillion NFL records) proves that if he wants to weight his options a little bit then that's what he is going to do, he is NFL royalty. Not to mention the man is 39 and just coming off a shoulder surgery so leave him alone. If he wants to play for you (Minnesoda Vikings) you should be jumping for joy and wait patiently for him to make up his mind. It's not like the quarterbacks you have will get you anywhere anyways.

And how good would it be though for Favre to put on a Viking jersey and play in the same division as his former team The Green Bay Packers. That's two for sure high rated classic games on tap this year (if he plays for them of course). So...I'd say...Let him play.