Repost: Introducing "darkmatters"

What's up everybody, welcome to our page (don't laugh I know that sounded funny). "darkmatters" is a small toy company founded by yours truly along a few good friends of mine. What we are trying to do with "darkmatters" is to work with different artists within Toronto to promote their art/bring them to life so to speak and to establish us as a Toronto based toy company. What started out as a normal conversation about our summers soon turned into discussions about the possibilities of starting and running our own business. A few months later and after countless hours dedicated to this project I am proud to say we are within arms reach from the starting line and officially dive ourselves into "the toy making business" (I know that sounded funny also). Initially starting out, I had some doubts of making all of this a possibility, because 1) we had no idea what we are doing or should be doing, 2) we needed funding 3) and as the old saying goes "never go into business with your friends". But turns out those obstacles were not as difficult to iron out as we had originally thought and honestly the team that we have (Dexter, Jeremy, Teddy, Jefford + Paddy) there's no other people I would do this with then them. Most of them I know for a very long time now (except for Jefford) and I trust them all, because at the end of the day that's all we can rely on is trusting in each other to make this all work.

With this site as well as our Twitter page, you can see updates from members of the team. We'll try to keep this as up to date as possible. With our first models coming soon, as well as various sketch ideas of upcoming projects, there should be a lot of interesting materials popping up soon. So keep your eyes peeled.