Today is the official release date for Michael Vick from his dog fighting sentence. It is still unsure if Roger Goodell will lift his "suspension" from the NFL for his part in the dog fighting ring. For Mike Vick that part of his life is now in the past, it's no longer about the dog. He has served his sentence, paid his due for his wrong doings. Now it's time for him to get back to what he does best, back where he belongs, in a NFL jersey playing football.

Whether you are a Michael Vick supporter or not, you have to pull for this guy. Sure he was wrong, he shouldn't have done what he did, but he admitted to his mistakes and served his sentence. All he need is a chance to prove to everybody, he's changed. In my opinion I think America owes him at least a chance, because they praised him, loved him when he was at his best and they stomped him, left him when he was at his lowest. Through it all he has lost almost everything, his fans, fortune, reputation. But it's nothing he can't get back, can't build back, all he is missing is a chance. I assume now for Mike Vick it's no longer about the fans, the fortune, and his reputation. It's about accepting this new chapter of his life and getting back to playing football.

As for commissioner Roger Goodell, please reinstate Mike and give him a chance to be back in under the lights every Sunday night.