R.I.P. Air McNair

I was skimming through my Tweetdeck when I came across a tweet from Kevin Durant that read "RIP Steve McNair". I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I literally rubbed my eyes to make sure I read it right. Then I proceed to check ESPN to confirm it, former NFL quarterback dead at 36.

Although the details surrounding his death is still being pieced together. Whatever happened the truth will come out. Aside from that, I am sure all NFL fans would agree with me that this was one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. To me I will always remember him for his toughness of the field, his athleticism, his will, his drive and that he was inches away from winning a Super Bowl. He gave everything he had and more during his 13 year career. Words cannot express the amount of respect I have for him and the sadness I feel now that we lost another great one. RIP number 9.