“The Mighty Ducks didn’t disappoint Emilio Estevez”

I thought this wouldn't see the light of day for another few days but I guess not. Within' minutes of the premiere I think it already crashed VideoOnSmash.com. Anyways you know I am a huge fan of this dude, c'mon I watched Degrassi (old and TNG). But while I was watching this I wasn't sure how I felt about it because it looked mad corny and cut and pasted together with tons of BOOBs. Then around the 3:13 mark when Fab and Trey do their best Craig & Smokey impersonation from Friday "dammmmmmmm". Oh right the little speech at the end was jokes too. "Take that D, Take that D, Take it like the Champions that you are" "You all know what you can do in 2 minutes". Not too shabby, nice metaphor with the girls and the basketball team but Kanye dropped the ball on this. Until the next single.