Kitchen Appliance Hypebeast

If you don't think such "person" exists well then you haven't met my mother. It just seems that ever since we moved in to this house 5 or 6 years ago she's been buying and buying a lot of random kitchen appliances. I swear the god we have at least 3 "multi-functional" rice cookers. That's not even it, we have a soup maker, a waffle maker, a "rediculously" non-stick pan, a magic bullet, a big ass (most industrial size) juicer, 2 george foreman grills, 2 blenders, 2 coffee makers and just recently a bread maker. This is just the starting line up, I haven't even looked downstairs in the basement for the retirement players yet. But damn ever since a few weeks ago when I lent my friend our waffle maker I noticed how many random kitchen appliance we have out in the kitchen. Am I crazy of is everybody's house like this. But forreal though they're all like her toys, she brings some new stuff every other week and makes a load of shit with it (depending on what it is of course).